Pepper & Pearls

Cambodia’s famous Kampot Pepper, secreted away during the murderous Pol Pot regime, is internationally recognised by chefs as the ‘champagne’ of peppers. It is one of the world’s most highly considered spices. It’s not only organic it also has an internationally recognised ECOCERT certificate.

Kampot Pepper is geologically certified* (protected geographical indication).  The local area’s microclimate offers mineral-rich soil and frequent rainfall. The ancient harvesting and processing methods have been handed down through the generations and add to the amazing aromatic flavours.

Pepper and Pearls ( formally Jonny ocean trading ) is an ethical business trading in high-quality, exotic, fine food which enjoys a partnership with local farmers in Kampot, Cambodia.P&P ensures the highest standards of cleaning, sorting, grading, and packing processes. The production process surpasses the international food safety standards required for overseas markets.

P &P also visits Vietnam to bring back the most beautiful, colourful Cultured Pearls. These are not available online as they are all very individual and need to be tried on to ensure the perfect match.

 Trading with P &P means the money stays in their community to help improve their education and standard of living.

P&P is a New Zealand based, business established in 2015. Owner Freya Horder loves to travel in Southeast Asia and in the last few years, Cambodia has become a favourite destination. She loves the country and the hardworking people.



“We hope you enjoy this rare special spice as much as we do… and also the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are helping our third-world families.”

Kampot Pepper has been designated a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) which is extremely rare for a spice, the PGI designation dictates which plants from the Kampot region must be used to produce Kampot Pepper, which ensures a high, consistent quality. Kampot Pepper also carries the ECOCERT certification, ECOCERT has become a benchmark in organic certification worldwide.